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Nugrape Records

Included in this site are sources of information and images for viewing related to blues, gospel & country music, etc.

The information on this Web site centres around blues, gospel, country and other styles of music predominately issued on ~78 rpm records. There is also information on early Australian music and theatre revolving around early minstrelsy acts that toured Australasia.

  • RnB 78 Labels(Courtesy of Mike Kredinac) (updated 6th April, 1998)
  • RnB 78 Labels - Section 2 (updated 6th December,2001)
  • Les Welch Record Label Images(updated 10th March,2002)
  • 78 Record Set Cover Art(added 7th February,2002)
  • Extended Play and 45 Covers (updated 5th September, 2001)
  • 10inch LP Covers (updated 16th February, 2002)
  • Pix of Musicians
  • Wattle Record Label (updated 25th March 2016)
  • Lee Gordon & Headliners Concert Program Cover Scans (updated 10th September,2007)
  • Jazz and Miscellaneous Concert Program Cover Scans (added 3rd November, 2018)
  • The Trailblazers - Early Melbourne Country Band Scans (added 11th September,2007)
  • Harrietville Bluegrass & Traditional Country Music Convention Guests (added 11th September,2007)
  • Theatrical Death Certificates
  • Theatre and Jazz Images
  • 19th Century Photographs(added 15th March, 2000)
  • Sydney Stadium Jazz Photographs(added 27th May,2002)
  • Music Concert Flyer Programs(updated 15th October, 2006)
  • Various Info
  • Minstrelsy
  • Banjo in Australia
  • Bessie Campbell and the Fisk Jubilee Singers (added 18th February, 2009)
  • Various Early Songsheets (added 23rd August, 1999)
  • Various Pocket Songster Booklet Covers (added 12th March, 2002)
  • Country 78 Labels (updated 27th February, 1998)
  • Crying Sam Collins Booklet - Origin LP (added 18th August, 1999)
  • Pre-War Blues 78 Labels(updated 20th May,1999)
  • Miscellaneous 78 Labels(added 17th May,1999)
  • Sound Files (updated with MPEG Sound Files, 10th May,1999)
  • Wants
  • Links

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