Country 78 Labels Country 78 Labels

This is the beginnings of some pre-war and post-war country 78 label scans.

Images added 25th February, 1998.

  • brun.jpg Brunswick Dixie Series Label
  • champion.jpg Champion Label
  • colum-ac.jpg Columbia Label (Flag acoustic)
  • gennett.jpg Gennett Label (blue)
  • hmv.jpg HMV Label (Jimmie Rodgers and The Carter Family)
  • melotone.jpg Melotone Label
  • mw.jpg Montgomery Ward Label
  • param-ot.jpg Paramount Label (Ozark Warblers)
  • rca-vict.jpg RCA-Victor Label (Gid Tanner)

    Images added 27th February, 1998.

  • conq-am.jpg Conqueror Label[Asa Martin and James Roberts]
  • deltamq.jpg Delta Label [ Mac Quinn]
  • durium.jpg Durium Label [Carson Robison and his Pioneers] (UK label)
  • fort-sm.jpg Fortune Label [Skeets McDonald]
  • fort1-sm.jpg Fortune Label [Skeets McDonald](same as above except credits)
  • gs-hc.jpg Gold Star Label [Harry Choates] (gold/black label)
  • intro-ed.jpg Intro Label [Earl "Grandpappy" Davis]
  • king-gj.jpg King Label [Grandpa Jones] (early design)
  • king-gj1.jpg King Label [Grandpa Jones](later design)
  • kingsp.jpg Kingsport Label [L.C. Smith - Ralph Mayo & the Southern Mountain Boys]
  • pan-bk.jpg Panachord Label[Bradley Kincaid] (Australian - blue)
  • rz-ga.jpg Regal Zonophone [Gene Autry] (Indian pressing)
  • selectrp.jpg Selective Label [Red Pleasant & the Southern Serenaders]
  • super-bk.jpg Supertone Label [Buell Kazee]
  • voc-udm.jpg Vocalion Label [Uncle Dave Macon](early design)
  • zon-cr.jpg Zonophone Label [Carson Robison & his Pioneers] (Australian pressing)
  • zon-puz.jpg Zonophone Label [Jimmie Rodgers] (UK issue of Puzzle record)