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If you wish me to add a link, just holler & I'll attach it here. - Australian Bluegrass and Traditional Country Music site.
http://www, - The Mudcat Cafe - Online Blues & Folk Magazine with lyrics, discussion forum, etc Karl Heinz Peschka's Video Trade Site - Musical Traditions Online Magazine - (a fountain of knowledge - heaps of incredible info!) - Vintage Jazz Mart [UK site] (If your a 78 record collector you NEED this magazine!) - Rainer Jazz Website - focusing on jazz and jazz 78 rpm labels - Rainer Lotz's excellent discographical site & more... - HIT OF THE WEEK- DURIUM Project 1930 - 2000. - Robert Nighthawk Site - Rev. Gary Davis Site - excellent site - Library of Congress Site - check out the pix - great stuff! - HotPlatters Site for LPs, 45s, 78s, Reel to Reel, videos, Songsheets, Cassettes, Photos, etc... - County Record Sales for all your country/bluegrass wants, has abbreviated newsletter online. - The title says it all , an excellent site. - John Wright's site of 78's and Filmology listings(British/American) Dance Bands, Popular & Jazz - Old-Time Herald Magazine (must for string band fans!) - KAB Electro Acoustics Web Page - Master Digital Web Page - Nauck's Vintage Records - Tim Gracyk's Web Page - Antique Record Machines Site