Mike's Pix Rhythm and Blues 78's (courtesy of Mike Kredinac) - Section 2

I would recommend to those interested in RnB to obtain the Galen Gart books, his American Record Label Directory and Dating Guide, 1940-1959 is essential. Some sites related to RnB, discographical & music books are listed below after a number of enquiries from users, who I am not able to email for various reasons?

http://www.amazon.com - Just search on the topic and there will be an abundance of books to choose from :-)
http://www.78rpm.com - Kurt Nauck site with numerous reference/music books.
http://www.arbooks.com - A & R Booksearch site (UK) large catalogue of books.
http://www.jazzrecords.com/jazzbooks/ - Norbert Ruecker Books & Videos
http://hubcap.clemson.edu/~campber/rsrf.html - Red Saunders Research Foundation

Images added 22nd April, 1998

  • ex.jpg Exclusive Label (black)
  • ex1.jpg Exclusive Label (red label)
  • ex2.jpg Exclusive Label(red label - they can't spell :-))
  • ex3.jpg Exclusive Label (white Sample Copy label)
  • free.jpg Freedom Label (black label)
  • free1.jpg Freedom Label(blue label)
  • free2.jpg Freedom Label (white label)
  • ge.jpg Gilt Edge Label(black label)
  • ge1.jpg Gilt Edge Label (maroon label)
  • ge2.jpg Gilt Edge Label (red label)
  • ge3.jpg Gilt Edge Label (orange and black label)
  • gg1.jpg G & G Label (purple label)
  • gg2.jpg G & G Label (Collector's Jazz label)
  • gg3.jpg G & G Label (purple and white label)
  • globe.jpg Globe Label (red label)
  • globe1.jpg Globe Label (blue label)
  • groove.jpg Groove Label (funny green colour?)
  • groove1.jpg Groove Label (normal green label)

    Images added 5th May, 1998

  • gotham1.jpg Gotham Label (dark red)
  • gotham2.jpg Gotham Label (maroon label)
  • gotham3.jpg Gotham Label(yellow label)
  • gotham4.jpg Gotham Label (red label)
  • herald.jpg Herald Label (black label)
  • herald1.jpg Herald Label(yellow label)
  • hub1.jpg Hub Label (black label)
  • hub2.jpg Hub Label(maroon label)
  • hub3.jpg Hub of Hollywood Label (red label)
  • imp1.jpg Imperial Label (red label)
  • imp2.jpg Imperial Label (maroon label)
  • imp3.jpg Imperial Label (white label)
  • imp4.jpg Imperial Label (black label)
  • imp5.jpg Imperial Label (plain red label)
  • imp6.jpg Imperial Label (lighter plain red label)
  • jubilee.jpg Jubilee Label (blue label)
  • jubilee1.jpg Jubilee Label pink and blue label)
  • jukebox.jpg Jukebox Label (black label)
  • jukebox1.jpg Jukebox Label (brown label)
  • macys.jpg Macy's Label (great track!)
  • melodis1.jpg Melodisc Label (black label)
  • melodisc.jpg Melodisc Label (red label)
  • mgm1.jpg MGM Label (Disc Jockey label)
  • mgm2.jpg MGM Label (Metrolite label)
  • mgm3.jpg MGM Label (normal yellow label)

    Images added 20th May, 1998

  • k1.jpg King Label(plain blue label)
  • k2.jpg King Label (blue Royal-Flex label)
  • k3.jpg King Label(blue label)
  • k4.jpg King Label (plain white DJ label)
  • k5.jpg King Label (white DJ label with bio)
  • modern1.jpg Modern Label (red/silver early label)
  • modern2.jpg Modern Label (similar to above label)
  • modern3.jpg Modern Label (white/red label)
  • modern4.jpg Modern Label (silver/red label)
  • modern5.jpg Modern Label (nice blue staff label)
  • modern6.jpg Modern Label (blue scroll label)
  • modern7.jpg Modern Label (plain blue Hollywood label)
  • modern8.jpg Modern Label (similar to above label)
  • modern9.jpg Modern Label (plain red Hollywood label)

    Images added 3rd June, 1998

  • harlem1.jpg Harlem Label (dark red/gold lettering)
  • harlem2.jpg Harlem Label (pinkish label)
  • harlem3.jpg Harlem Label(red label)
  • merc1.jpg Mercury Label blue lightning label)
  • merc2.jpg Mercury Label (red lightning label)
  • merc3.jpg Mercury Label(black 8000 series label)
  • merc4.jpg Mercury Label (black lightning label)
  • merc5.jpg Mercury Label(red 8000 series label)
  • merc6.jpg Mercury Label (pink label)
  • merc7.jpg Mercury Label (black label - Sunnyland Slim)
  • merc8.jpg Mercury Label (black label - 71000 series)
  • merc9.jpg Mercury Label (black 8000 series label)
  • merc10.jpg Mercury Label (black 71000 series label)
  • merc11.jpg Mercury Esquire Label (blues label)
  • merc12.jpg Mercury Label (green label)
  • merc13.jpg Mercury Label (test pressing label)
  • nat1.jpg National Label (blue label)
  • nat2.jpg National Label (turquoise/silver label)
  • nat3.jpg National Label (turquoise/red label)
  • nat4.jpg National Label (purple label)
  • okeh-1.jpg Okeh Rhythm & Blues Series Label
  • okeh-2.jpg Okeh Label (plain pink label)
  • okeh-3.jpg Okeh Label (pink with small motif label)
  • okeh-4.jpg Okeh Label (white label)
  • okeh-5.jpg Okeh Label (yellow label)
  • parrot.jpg Parrot Label
  • peacock.jpg Peacock Label(white label)
  • peacock1.jpg Peacock Label (red label)
  • prest.jpg Prestige Label (blue/silver label)
  • prest1.jpg Prestige Label(dark blue label)
  • prest2.jpg Prestige Label (blue/white DJ label)
  • prest3.jpg Prestige Label(maroon label)
  • queen.jpg Queen Label (black/silver label)
  • queen1.jpg Queen Label (black/gold label)
  • queen2.jpg Queen Label (blue label)
  • regent1.jpg Regent Label (blue/white DJ label)
  • regent2.jpg Regent Label (red label)
  • rhythm1.jpg Rhythm Recordings Label (red/silver label)
  • rhythm2.jpg Rhythm Recordings Label (black/white label)
  • rhythm3.jpg Rhythm Recordings Label (blue/white label)
  • rih1.jpg Recorded In Hollywood Label (blue/silver label)

    Images added 16th July, 1998

  • rca.jpg RCA-Victor Label (white DJ label)
  • rca1.jpg RCA-Victor Label (Special Purpose Series)
  • rca2.jpg RCA-Victor Label (normal black label)
  • regal.jpg Regal Label (green label)
  • regal1.jpg Regal Label (black label)
  • regal2.jpg Regal Label(nice black label)
  • rpm.jpg RPM Label
  • rpm1.jpg RPM Label
  • rpm2.jpg RPM Label (white sample label)
  • states.jpg States Label

    Images added 22nd August, 1998

  • savoy.jpg Savoy Label (red with gold lettering)
  • savoy1.jpg Savoy Label (white with red lettering)
  • savoy2.jpg Savoy Label (nice red motif with gold lettering)
  • savoy3.jpg Savoy Label (black label with motif)
  • select1.jpg Selection Label (blue label)
  • sensatn.jpg Sensation Label(yellow with red lettering)
  • sitin1.jpg Sittin' In With Label (red with black lettering)
  • sitin2.jpg Sittin' In With Label (white DJ label)
  • sitin3.jpg Sittin' In With Label (red with silver lettering)
  • sitin4.jpg Sittin' In Label (yellow label)
  • sitin5.jpg Sittin' In With Label (yellow label)
  • sterl1.jpg Sterling Label (red label)
  • sterl2.jpg Sterling Label (dark red label)
  • sterl3.jpg Sterling Label (black label)
  • suprem1.jpg Supreme Label (blue label)
  • supreml2.jpg Supreme Label(white DJ label)
  • swt.jpg Swingtime Label (white DJ label)
  • swt1.jpg Swingtime Label (fawn with red lettering DJ label)
  • tennes.jpg Tennessee Label (black label)
  • tennes1.jpg Tennessee Label (blue label)
  • cen2.jpg 20th Century Label (blue label - Yours for $7,000!!!)

    Images added 24th March, 1999

  • abbey1.jpg Abbey Label (DJ Copy)
  • abbey2.jpg Abbey Label (plain maroon label)
  • abbey3.jpg Abbey Label ( maroon, nice design)
  • aca.jpg ACA Label (unlabelled acetate??)
  • admiral.jpg Admiral Label
  • alert1.jpg Alert Label(black label)
  • alpha.jpg Alpha Label
  • apex.jpg Apex Label
  • atco1.jpg Atco Label (white/yellow label)
  • atco2.jpg Atco Label (red label)
  • atlanta.jpg Atlanta Label
  • authentic.jpg Authentic Label
  • babs.jpg Babs Label
  • baton.jpg Baton Label
  • bayou.jpg Bayou Label
  • beacon1.jpg Beacon Label(red label)
  • beacon2.jpg Beacon Label (white label)
  • beltone1.jpg Bel-Tone Label (black with white lettering)
  • beltone2.jpg Bel-Tone Label (red with white lettering)
  • beltone3.jpg Bel-Tone Label (black with orange lettering)
  • big_m.jpg Big "M" Label
  • blu.jpg Blu Records Label
  • bnote.jpg Blue Note Label (blue and yellow label)
  • brun_1sc.jpg Brunswick Label (Sample Copy label)
  • pick-up.jpg Pick-Up Label (courtesy of Bobby Cusson)
  • rainbow.jpg Rainbow Label
  • universal.jpg Universal Recording Corp Acetate Label

    Images added on 22nd April, 1999

  • sun.jpg Sun Label
  • dir.jpg D.I.R. Label
  • master-b.jpg Master Label (blue label)
  • oranelle.jpg Ora Nelle Label
  • jax-b.jpg Jax Label (black label)
  • marmite.jpg Marmite Label

    Images added on 17th May, 1999

  • bbk.jpg Blues Boys Kingdom Label
  • diamond.jpg Diamond Label
  • disc.jpg Disc Label
  • flair.jpg Flair Label
  • rama.jpg Rama Label

    Images added on 19th May, 1999

  • allen.jpg Allen Label
  • blaze.jpg Blaze Label
  • forecast.jpg Forecast Label (promo)
  • gulf.jpg Gulf Label
  • irma.jpg Irma Label
  • j-v-b.jpg J-V-B Label
  • josie.jpg Josie Label
  • lamp_l.jpg Lamplighter Label (pale blue label)
  • pet.jpg Pet Label
  • queen9.jpg Queen Label (black -different font)
  • rondor.jpg Rondo Label (red label)
  • r_b.jpg R and B Label
  • spin.jpg Spin Label
  • staff.jpg Staff Label
  • unique.jpg Unique Label

    Images added on 27th December, 1999
    Some Miltone labels

  • 1865.jpg 1865 Jamboree
  • collage.jpg A collage of Miltone labels
  • gene.jpg G-ing With Gene
  • groovy.jpg Groovy Blues - Camille Howard
  • lboy.jpg Little Boy Blue
  • nogood.jpg No Good Woman
  • peppy.jpg It Must Have Been A Dream [Peppy Prince]
  • richard.jpg Open The Door Richard
  • rmb.jpg R.M. Blues
  • sack.jpg Pack Your Sack Jack [Camille Howard]
  • square.jpg I'll Turn Square For You
  • welcom.jpg Welcome Home Baby
  • shorty.jpg Shorty Muggins on Capitol [Sammy Davis Jr.]

    Images added on 30th December, 1999
    Some dud 78's or ringin's

  • crystal.jpg Crystal Tone Label
  • dootone1.jpg Dootone Label (blue)
  • hipster.jpg Harry ("The Hipster") Gibson - Musicraft
  • movieland.jpg Movieland Record Co.
  • palda.jpg Palda Label

    Images added on 4th February, 2000.

  • ace203.jpg Ace Label 203-b (La-Bo'Heim And Beans)
  • lighthouse.jpg Lighthouse Label
  • trilyte.jpg Trilyte Label

    Images added on 16th February, 2000
    Some ammended Miltone/Ace labels

  • 150a.jpg Open The Door Richard
  • 150b.jpg I'll Turn Square For You
  • 201a.jpg Them There Eyes
  • 201b.jpg Little Boy Blue
  • 206a.jpg 1865 Jamboree
  • 206b.jpg No Good Woman
  • 218a.jpg Answer To R. M. Blues
  • 218b.jpg It's Been So Long
  • 219a.jpg G-Ing With Gene
  • 219b.jpg Pack Your Sack Jack
  • 224a.jpg Too Bad
  • 224b.jpg Big Fine Baby
  • 225a.jpg Get Out
  • 225b.jpg Welcome Home Baby
  • 243a.jpg Cornshuck's Blues
  • 243b.jpg In The Rain
  • groovy2.jpg Groovy Blues
  • rmblues.jpg R.M. Blues

    Some additions for 18th June,2001

  • rs6801a.jpg Red Saunders on Okeh Rhythm & Blues Series
  • rs6801b.jpg As above with Joe Williams vcl
  • mc803a.jpg Music City Label - Gene Lee & The Blues Rockers

    Some additions for 12th November,2001

  • mx-1012.jpg Mabel's Blues - Mabel Scott Festival 78 FS-879
  • mx-1013.jpg Boogie Woogie Santa Claus - Mabel Scott
  • mx-925.jpg I Wanna Be Loved Loved Loved - Mabel Scott Festival 45 - Only known copy!
  • mx-926.jpg Just The Way You Are - Mabel Scott

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