Pre-War Blues 78 Labels Pre-War Blues 78 Labels

This is the beginnings of some pre-war blues 78 label scans, which includes some reissue 78 labels.

Images added 26th February, 1998.

  • anchor.jpg Anchor Label [Blind Mamie Forehand]
  • bb.jpg Bluebird Label[Harry Carter] (Yellow/blue coloured label)
  • bb-bc.jpg Bluebird Label [Bo Carter] (nipper on label)
  • bb-bcs.jpg Bluebird Label [Bo Carter] (staff label)
  • br-sje.jpg Brunswick Label [Sleepy John Estes] (UK issue)
  • century.jpg Century Label [ Cow Cow Davenport]
  • col-excl.jpg Columbia Label [Southern Negro Quartette] (Exclusive Artist series)
  • conq-cj.jpg Conqueror Label [Curtis Jones]
  • gen-sc.jpg Gennett Label [Sam Collins]
  • hmv-bl.jpg HMV Label [Bobbie Leecan's Need-More Band] (UK issue)
  • jc-bwj.jpg Jazz Collector Label [Blind Willie Johnson]
  • mel-em.jpg Melotone Label [Eddie Miller] (blue/silver label)
  • mw-gg.jpg Montgomery Ward Label [Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet] (dark blue label)
  • okeh-bc.jpg Okeh Label [Bo Carter] (red electric label)
  • okeh-cm.jpg Okeh Label[Charlie McCoy & his Mississippi Hot Footers] (black electric label)
  • okeh-kb.jpg Okeh Label [Kitty Brown] (red acoustic label)
  • okeh-lj.jpg Okeh Label [Lonnie Johnson] (Truetone label)
  • par-pcj.jpg Paramount Label [Papa Charlie Jackson]
  • parlo-ic.jpg Parlophone Label [ Ida Cox] (UK issue)
  • perf-bj.jpg Perfect Label [Bessie Jackson] (black label)
  • perf-gs.jpg Perfect Label [Georgia Slim] (Blue label)
  • qrs.jpg QRS Label [South Carolina Quartette]
  • rca-test.jpg RCA Test Pressing Label [Eddie Kelly's Washboard Band]
  • silv-bb.jpg Silvertone Label [Baby Bonnie]
  • voc-bbs.jpg Vocalion Label [ Bumble Bee Slim] (black/gold label)
  • voc-cb.jpg Vocalion Label [Charlie Burse and his Memphis Mudcats] (blue/gold label)
  • voc-rc.jpg Vocalion Label [Rosetta Crawford] (UK issue)
  • voc-rg.jpg Vocalion Label [Rev. J.M. Gates and his Congregation] (gold label)
  • xx.jpg XX Label [Papa Charlie Jackson] (red wax issue]

    Images added 20th May,1999

  • harmonyb.jpg Harmony Label [Joshua White]
  • herwinb.jpg Herwin Label [Bukka White] (reissue label)
  • regal-g.jpg Regal Label [Rev. J.M. Gates]