theatre Ernest Kaai and his Hawaiian Troubadours, c.1925 on their second visit to Australia (Music of the Lotus Eaters)

A few pictures of jazz and theatre material

  • brunsw.jpg The Story of Jazz Concert, Brunswick Town Hall, May 1947
  • brythm.jpg Front cover of early Australian Jazz magazine from S.A. - Blue Rhythm Vol.1 No.1
  • folies.jpg Front cover of Folies - Bergere theatre program.
  • formby.jpg Front cover of George Formby programme for Geelong Theatre, January 1948.
  • greene.jpg Tivoli Tango Teas Sydney programme featuring Gene Greene assisted by Charley Straight amongst others...
  • pjacks.jpg The Port Jackson Jazz Band concert flyer for the Federated Ironworkers' Association, July 1947.
  • mills.jpg Front cover of Tivoli programme for The Mills Brothers
  • singab.jpg Bush Music Club's Singabout magazine Vol.1 No.1 Summer 1956.
  • sylvia.jpg Fuller's National Theatre, Sydney 1918 - first appearance in Australia of Belle Sylvia & her Jazz Band (1st jazz band in Australia!)
  • tangot.jpg Front cover of Tivoli Tango Teas programme
  • tiv1909.jpg Tivoli programme featuring black artists Clarence Tisdale and Irving Sayles as well as others.
  • welch.jpg Kings of Swing Concert featuring Les Welch & his 8 Beat Boys, etc. April 1950.
  • whitey.jpg Front cover of Hollywood Hotel Revue programme featuring Whitey's "Big Apple" Dancers (jitterbuggers!)
  • bb_prog.jpg Big Bill Broonzy German Concert programme with Graeme Bell Band

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